Elevate Your Event with Our Night Wedding Ideas

Why We Love Night Weddings

Thinking that a night wedding may be for you? It’s a bit more sophisticated. The lighting is a bit sexier. The mood can be both more elegant and more festive. It all depends on your style, but it will set you apart from the bride-light motif. It can be a way to really make your wedding stand out and look more expensive without spending more and possibly even saving a bit. There is magic in the night and the right lighting, and The Refinery at the Johnstone-Sare Building is all about enchantment and magic, so let’s talk it over.

Bridal photo session on rooftop of wedding venue with views of Oklahoma hills

Capture the Golden Hour Transition

Begin before dark. There is always the golden hour to consider, and you don’t want to miss photographic opportunities. I tend to think it is a great time to have some pre-wedding photos on our roof of the bride and groom and possibly the wedding party. It’s a good time to have a small cocktail party for immediate family and the wedding party and have the photographer get some pre-ceremony pictures and allow everyone to relax a bit before the wedding gets underway. At The Refinery in The Johnstone-Sare Building we specialize in wedding weekends, so we emphasize time with family and friends, and you will have had the day to have massages, be pampered, journal and really be with one another in a meaningful way in a historic property and be photographed together in personal moments…golden hour signals the heightening of glamor as night falls.

A sunsetting to twilight ceremony is perfect in warmer months, as a calm settles over the day and brings an air of serenity to your ceremony; the velvet dark is perfect in the winter, when every chandelier and candle adds glistening warmth to your night time nuptials. Either way, there is magic in the lighting, if you do it correctly.

Candles on ledge at Johnstone-Sare Room at the Top venue

Light the Way to a Romantic Setting

Candles, fairy lights, string lights, and chandeliers, twinkling lights and lanterns, and city lights in the background all mimic the night sky and create a mood of warmth and delight. We love these refining touches at the Refinery, and we think you will too, wherever you are holding your wedding. Start with the photos in mind. Indoor weddings allow you to control the uncontrollable, the weather, and to lower anxiety, so night time is a possible, where it isn’t always at an outdoor venue. Great photos require a beautifully lit venue, and great table scapes require focus on those tables being lit with candles, fairy lights, possibly mirror on the table and other tricks that are inexpensive compared to big flower spends, simple flowers alongside beautiful lighting will get you where you need to go with a very elegant wedding in a fabulous space without expending too much on disposables, and the photos will be great, if the photographer is right and the venue is chosen for its photogenic qualities at night.

Bride and groom getting married at Christmas wedding

Top 8 Night Time Wedding Tips to Remember!

  1. Choose a venue that allows you the time to get ready and be with friends and still be there through the night.
  2. Remember that elegance is automatic with a night time wedding, but you don’t have to be boring with it. You can be extra sexy and romantic, if that is your vibe.
  3. You don’t have to lose the light. You can do great golden hour photography, so look for venues with windows or views that give you this opportunity.
  4. Check out your photographer for night time and evening photography. Not every wedding photographer has a background in night photography, so be choosy on this point. Check the portfolio
  5. Tour your venue at night and look at their portfolio of evening and night time pictures. Can they pull off the elegance of an evening wedding, and does this venue really photograph beautifully, always a top question.
  6. Does this venue have the capacity to create an artsy night club type effect for my reception, and interesting cocktail party vibe? Look, your party can be very bougie at night, and without the big food spend, so make sure the venue looks right for the right kind of party.
  7. Is there a Hotel within walking distance or part of the venue complex for my guests? This is super important, because you love all the people at your wedding, not just your new spouse and immediate family and want to be sure everyone who needs a place to stay can be taken care of.
  8. Always remember that lighting and mirror compositions on tabletops are less expensive than flower spends, and a great venue can carry that off. Spend on your bouquet, venue, dress and photographer, instead, if you are down to making choices. Glamor can be about more, but sophistication can be about just enough, and enchantment always sparkles.

Bride on rooftop venue with view of Bartlesville, OK at night

Book the Best Venue to Enhance an Evening Wedding

The Refinery shines bright in Bartlesville and will make an ideal setting for night time nuptials! Come for a visit or ask for more photos of evening events held at our Oklahoma venue, so you can envision your own wedding here. Our indoor venue is perfect for night weddings in all seasons! Christmas weddings, summer night weddings, or any Friday night wedding are extra special here, and they set the scene for celebration with the help of our wedding packages.

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