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Facility Guidelines

Exceptional Service is Our Goal

The Refinery at Johnstone-Sare is proud to be part of your love story or private celebration. We want your event to be everything you’ve dreamed of and be remembered by all for years to come. To help make your planning process as easy and seamless as possible, we’ve tried to make our pricing and policies both simple and straightforward.

Keep scrolling to review some common questions and event policies before you request a tour or pricing for our Bartlesville wedding venue. If you have further questions, feel free to email us at

“I would very highly recommend this venue! All of the staff are so helpful
and they also provide many accommodations to make your day run smoothly!”

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How many guests can you accommodate?

Each floor of the Johnstone-Sare Building can accommodate 250 guests. So, we can have parties of 500 across two floors, but most commonly we host two floor events in which we have a wedding for 250 to 300 on one floor and a reception for the same number of guests on the other to follow. We have weekend events that include a rehearsal dinner and often have a brunch and cocktail party along with wedding and reception due to the size of our venue.

Can you create a small, intimate setting at this venue?

Our venue is perfect for any sized event, from small gatherings to large weddings. There are two floors, each of which can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate your needs. The Refinery can make any size event feel special! We have intimate rooms at the end of each large event floor plate ideal for a cozier feel and full floors can be divided to perfectly fit smaller events. However, we specialize in large full wedding weekends where your family can really have the ultimate luxury, time to enjoy the experience together.

Is the venue accessible for disabled guests?

Yes. Our venue is equipped with an elevator and is ADA-compliant, a very unusual feature in National Register Properties.

Is there adequate parking on site?

We have access to two large lots behind the building on weekends, which provide plenty of space for guests to park for free, and we are about to add our own lot, also behind the property.

What is included in the space?

Each floor comes with a prep area, which has tables, sink, fridge, and ice maker, as well as men’s and women’s ADA compliant bathrooms. Some packages include a Bridal Suite for getting ready, which has a full kitchen and overnight accommodations. Some packages include a full suite of four apartment rooms with full kitchens, so your family and friends can really stretch out in the complex and enjoy. Tables, tablecloths, and Chiavari chairs are provided and we will set these up (as well as tear down) for you prior to your event.

Are there hotel accommodations close by?

There are boutique hotel rooms and a bridal suite on-site, private to the venue, and there is a Hilton Garden Inn less than half a block away with special deals on full floor rentals.

Do you work with specific vendor partners?

We have a florist in the building as well as Oklahoma’s finest pizza for your rehearsal dinner, and gourmet chocolates for your pillow, as well as many other vendors located within steps of our front door, even a wedding dress boutique within a few yards. We do not require you to use any specific vendors along with our space, because your ability to adjust for the look and price point you desire is crucial to your satisfaction with your wedding day, but we have vendors we love, and can get you set up with makeup artists, masseuses, caterers, photographers, whoever you need to make your day exactly what you always dreamt it would be.

How much does it cost to book an event at The Refinery?

Our large wedding packages begin at $6500 in season, and we have discounts out of season and for mid-week weddings. Check our wedding packages for current seasonal-based rates. We have a variety of smaller events priced upon request.

What type of security is available for the event?

For the safety of our guests, we require every event to have security. The cost is included in your package or custom quote.

Are there any restrictions for catering/alcohol service?

There is no charge for bringing in your own catering, snacks, or drinks. If you bring in hard liquor, we do require a licensed bartender. We follow Oklahoma Liquor Laws, those set forward by the ABLE Commission. Under current Oklahoma liquor laws, beer and wine may be given away at an events venue at a private party without a bartender (October, 2023). The sale of alcohol of whatever type or the service of hard liquor requires the presence of a bartender, if being done on our premises, and we require liquor license, bartenders licenses, matching drivers licenses and liability policies to be on file with the venue, prior to an event with such service taking place. Catering services must provide business licenses and sales tax permits, proof of meeting requirements of a commercial kitchen or fall under the stipulations of the Oklahoma Homemade Food Freedom Act of 2021. The events service at The Johnstone-Sare Building keeps many licenses and identifications on file for local vendors, however, in the compilation of each new file for an event, we ask for current credentials, if there is any question, and those using our venue are required to provide us with a list of vendors well in advance of the event.

I. A deposit is required at the time of this agreement to hold the date. The deposit is in excess of the total cost of the event. The deposit is non-refundable and is a charge against holding the date off of the market from sale to others, the cost of processing your contract and other administrative and labor costs, and is understood to be liquidated damages in the case of your cancellation of the date, both in our consumed labor in setting up your event/contract/showings and other time spent with client and revenues forgone, because of likely loss of event on date in question due to holding said date off market for sole use of client, once signing the contract. The JSB reserves the right to charge the full amount for an event upon contract signing and charge no deposit for holding the date with approval of ownership.

II. A variety of payment arrangements are available with the JSB on contracts for events. In any event, the total package price is due no later than ninety days prior to the date of the event. The full price of the event is non-refundable if canceled within 60 days or less. FIFTY PERCENT of the full price of the event may be refunded if the event is cancelled in writing 90 to 61 days prior to the scheduled date of the event. In the event of damages or losses occurring to the property, whether fixed or moveable, during the event, a further invoice will be prepared after the event and sent to the parties to the contract.

III. A production meeting is required with LESSEE and LESSEE’s key staff and JSB staff, on or before the week of the wedding or other event with mapping and each detail of the sound, video, chair and other layout decided, caterer and license, bartender and license, final count for event, colors for event, set up of all electronics, all maps provided, all contact information for all vendors given and added to our database, full understanding of processes and procedures for the day(s) of event given, including locations of all restrooms, supplies, moments of ingress and egress, fire extinguishers and escapes, rules governing the blocking and not blocking of same, information on how to contact staff and security on duty during event, information on how to contact staff in relation to any issues with hotel rooms/apartments, cleaning supplies, etc. An inventory of what will be provided for the evening can, then, be prepared, so that an invoice for missing or damaged items can be prepared after the event should such be in order.

IV. All events using contracted performers, agencies, or services must provide copies of the technical rider to the JSB for JSB approval at least 30 days prior to the event or lease may be terminated.

V. Sales of souvenirs, records, memorabilia associated with an event must be contracted with the JSB. A fee of 20% of total gross sales will be charged. Payment of fee is the responsibility of LESSEE and will be paid immediately following the event. The JSB reserves the right to designate the area in which sales will occur. The fee will include the use of space for sales, table(s), chair(s), set-up, and clean-up.

VI. The LESSEE agrees to exercise care in the use of the JSB facilities and equipment. Should the facility and/or equipment be damaged or destroyed due to the LESSEE’s use, LESSEE agrees to repair or replace the damaged item at LESSEE’s expense. The JSB shall not be liable for any damage to property of the LESSEE from whatever source, nor shall the JSB be liable for any loss of property from or on-premises, however occurring. The LESSEE agrees to save the JSB harmless against any claims for damage to persons or property arising out of the use of the facility of the LESSEE.

VII. Aisles shall be used only for passage to and from seats and shall be kept unobstructed at all times. All doorways and exits in public areas shall be kept clear.

VIII. Photographs, broadcasts, telecasts, video, or audiotape recordings or films are at the discretion and enforcement of the LESSEE.

IX. LESSEE shall leave the stage and stage areas clear after the final performance. IF stage areas are not cleaned within the designated period, the JSB will employ a crew for this purpose and LESSEE agrees to pay for the expense.

X. Pianos owned by the JSB may be rented for a fee and any tuning requested by the LESSEE shall be billed to and paid by the LESSEE. JSB limits the cope of any “special” tuning and shall designate the piano tuner.

XI. LESSEE shall not erect or operate on the premises, without prior written consent of the JSB, any machinery or equipment operated by electricity, nor shall LESSEE install any wires, nails, adhesives, tacks, screws, tapes, or similar articles on floors, walls, drapes, or brick, plaster, or wood surfaces. Any decorations and/or displays in or on the building or grounds shall be subject to the supervision and approval of the JSB.

XII. LESSEE shall not sell or serve food, refreshments, or beverages of any kinds upon the premises, except as authorized in writing by the JSB. All concessions shall be operated or contracted by the JSB, however, if sponsors of events at the JSB wish to have a particular product from certain company sold exclusively (due to contributions, sponsorships, etc.) they may elect to do so, but the JSB will continue to receive the revenue from the concessions sold.

XIII. Sales Tax, if applicable to the event, shall be the responsibility of the LESSEE.

XIV. LESSEE acknowledges that other use of the JSB may coincide with this rental time, and LESSEE agrees to control any ambient sound which may interfere with other rentals, events, meetings, or business. LESSEE acknowledges that JSB is the final authority on decisions regarding sound levels.

XV. LESSEE agrees to abide by the room capacities as designated by the JSB.

XVI. LESSEE agree to limit its participants’ access ONLY to the designated rental area(s).

XVII. LESSEE shall be familiar with JSB policy and responsible for the conduct of it representatives, performers, volunteers, participants, and guests during their rental of the JSB.

XVIII. Because the acoustics of the JSB are YET TO BE DEFINED, many groups will be unaware of the need to reduce their normal volume level. Performers, technicians, and DJ’s must be made aware that the volume of the amplified sound cannot exceed 95 decibels at a point a third of the way back in the GATHERING from the speakers. The JSB will enforce this sound level requirement.

XIX. LESSEE must purchase, when available, or provide a liability insurance certificate verifying there is a policy enforce naming LESSOR, Centennial Restorations, LLC, as insured. Such insurance must provide for a minimum coverage 2 million dollar aggregate and 1 million dollar, per occurrence, liability insurance related to the premises and 1 million dollar, per occurrence, liability insurance bodily insurance. In all situations where liquor is served, whether sold or given away, this must include a “host liquor liability rider.” In all cases, whatsoever, the insurance must include a waiver of subrogation, preventing the LESSEE’s insurer from subrogating against the LESSOR and the LESSOR’s insurance. The LESSOR has arrangements with a third party insurer to purchase policies meeting some of these criteria to simplify the LESSEE’s process of insuring their events. The LESSOR is not an insurance agent and does not pretend to sell insurance or act as an agency for the sale of insurance products within the state of Oklahoma.

XX. Adherence to JSB reserved seat policy is required.

XXI. The LESSEE is responsible for all fees and/or royalties, which may be required under copyright laws.

XXII. In signing this agreement, LESSEE acknowledges receipt of the Johnstone-Sare Building’s Facility Practices and Procedures document and agrees to adhere to the same.

XXIII. The LESSEE shall not assign this agreement or any portion thereof without the prior written consent of the JSB.


Lessee must control any ambient sounds which may interfere with other rentals and events meetings for business. The amplified sound level cannot exceed 95 decibels. Lessee is responsible for informing their performers/technicians/DJs. The JSB staff will enforce this sound level requirement and has the final authority on decisions regarding sound levels. This is a requirement of the city and an unlikely occurrence.


At Events: If alcohol (liquor, wine, or beer) is to be served or sold at an event, the lessee is required to meet all laws of the Oklahoma ABLE (Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement) Commission. Alcohol may only be distributed to invited guests who are 21 and older. If alcohol is to be sold, the JSB requires a copy of the liquor license presented, at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Behind the Scenes: Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed in any staging area without the advance written approval of the JSB.

Anyone who is under the influence, or suspected of being under the influence, will not be allowed to operate JSB equipment and will be required to leave the area at once. Private rooms within the Jewel Box Hotel apartments are not staging areas for the purpose of this agreement.

Bottled Gas

For the safety of all those using the building, bottled gas or air pressurized tanks will be allowed inside the facility only in specified areas. The JSB staff will inform you of the proper storage location for the tanks.

Box Office

There are no plans for ticketing at this time; the lessee is solely responsible for any such activity.

Reserved Seating: This is not required by the JSB. The JSB will strictly enforce regulations regarding chairs, open aisles, usher seating, and access to exits.

Usher Seats: The JSB reserves the right to hold seats when an event requires trained ushers.

House Seats: The JSB reserves the right to hold a block of seats (number to be determined) for use as the JSB chooses.

Handling Fee: Were the JSB ever to use a box office or sell tickets for a lessee, the JSB would charge a box office handling fee of $3.00 per ticket. The handling fee does not apply to complimentary tickets.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the building has facilities and egress for the physically impaired.

Performance Content

The lessee is responsible for advertising any age-restrictive or sensitive material to patrons and must notify the JSB before their ticket sales commence. When selling tickets, if an event will have
known excessive sound levels or use strobe lights, Lessee must advise invited guests or ticket purchasers prior to tickets being purchased or attendance, as such can prove physically harmful to certain persons.


The JSB expects the lessee or lessee-employed staff to empty the trash containers and sweep the hard surfaces in all the rental areas after the lessee’s contracted rental time. If excessive cleaning is required in any rental area, the lessee will be charged $25 per hour per man (2-hour minimum) for cleaning.

Caterer’s Prep Area hereafter the CPA

The CPA and all equipment must be clean upon the conclusion of the lessee’s contracted rental time. A detailed cleaning list can be posted in the CPA. If the CPA, equipment, dishes, etc., are not clean, the JSB will clean the area, the equipment, dishes, etc., and the lessee will be charged. It is the lessee’s responsibility to sign in and out with JSB staff prior to moving into and vacating the CPA, lest additional time be charged at a differential rate.


Lessee is responsible for the conduct of all event guests, vendors, representatives, performers, volunteers, and participants during the signed contract time at the JSB. Please make certain that all persons involved are familiar with JSB policies. Lessee will be held liable and financially responsible for any damages of JSB property.

Contact Person

Lessee’s contract requires the designation of one person from the organization as the event contact, through whom all communications with the JSB will flow. An alternate contact may also be designated. The JSB will only accept information and changes regarding rental from the contact person or the alternate designee as listed on the contract.


Any lessee using contracted agencies or services shall provide copies of those contracts to the JSB prior to the event and receive the JSB approval. Sufficient time for the JSB review of the above contracts should be allowed, or cancellation of vendors by the JSB may be necessary. Providing inaccurate information regarding the JSB and its rules and deadlines may prevent future use of the facility by Lessee. The JSB maintains no written agreement with any specific vendor other than JSB restaurant tenant’s agreement for a discount on space, and should such restaurant tenants fail to work within the policies and procedures set forth herein, such restaurant tenants may be barred from the facility usage for a specific period of time, subject to the adjudication of the management of the JSB, or wholly removed from the list of Lessees and vendors of party or event space.


A deposit is required at the time and date held. Schedule of refunds is as follows:

  • 90-61 days 50% refund
  • 60 days or less – no refund

Emergency Exits

Emergency exits and surrounding areas and aisles leading to them must not be blocked at any time.

Equipment and Furniture

JSB equipment and furniture is for the use of the Lessee during their contracted rental time and constitute additional rental where contractually specified. If any of the equipment you have requested will be unavailable for your event, you will be notified. Items may not be removed from the building without advance written permission from the JSB management.

Equipment Removal: During the load-out, the Lessee is expected to remove all production equipment, sets, supplies, scenery, food, beverages, flowers, and trash from rental areas. All JSB equipment and supplies are to be restored to their storage areas. If removal and restoration is not completed, Lessee will be charged $25 per man/hour (minimum of 2-hour charge) to have it cleaned and/or an additional daily fee for storage.

Dressing Room

Unisex bathroom in the penthouse is not to be used as a dressing room. Depending on the day of the week and time of day, JSB staff will assign dressing areas, should such be allowed, as a non-disruption of business and activities. At the end of rental time, the Lessee is required to remove all costumes, personal belongings, food, beverages, and decorations from the dressing rooms, just as from other areas. This includes removing all decorations from mirrors and makeup stains from the counters or walls. If cleaning in excess of that done by the lessee and their vendors is required of the carpets, floors, furniture, mirror, wall, or other finishes. Lessee will be charged $25 per man/hour (minimum 2-hour charge) for cleaning.
Hearing Impaired: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the JSB does not have a contract with a qualified ASL, signer, and lessee is required to contract their own.

Liability Insurance

All Lessees having public, private, or ticketed events at the JSB must submit a liability insurance certificate verifying an active policy. The minimum requirement is 2 million dollar aggregate and 1 million dollar, per occurrence, liability insurance related to the premises and 1 million dollar, per occurrence, liability insurance bodily insurance. In all situations where liquor is served, whether sold or given away, this must include a “host liquor liability rider.” In all cases, whatsoever, the insurance must include a waiver of subrogation. Event date(s) may be canceled by the JSB if an insurance certificate is not received within 30 days prior, and no refunds will be made. Should the Lessee be conducting a ticketed event, tickets may not be placed “on-sale” until a document naming Lessee as insured is presented with all signed contracts.

Manager on Duty

At all times, the JSB is open, for Lessee events or parties, designated staff members are present. In rental areas, a Front of House Manager will be available unless other arrangements are made with restaurant tenants of the building only. All decisions by these authorities regarding the safety of the JSB and its occupants are to be followed and can/will be enforced if necessary by police and fire officials.


Parking at the JSB is limited. Parking is allowed in designated spots only. Double parking and overnight RV parking is not allowed at any time. Designated handicapped parking must be observed and illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Photography and Recording

Photographs, broadcasts, telecasts, video, cell phone, and audio recordings or films are at the discretion and enforcement of the Lessee, who will post and/or announce limitations prior to the performance. If video is to be taken of performance, JSB must be notified in writing prior to decisions as to number of seats and arrangement, so sightline issues can be addressed, and seats can be removed from inventory. Technical Director, hired by Lessee, must approve the position of cameras, tripods, and cables at production meetings and equipment may not block any means of egress or movement between tables and chairs without permission.

Production Meetings

All lessees having “production” type events in other spaces in the JSB must have a production meeting with the JSB recommended technical director, hiring him/her at their own expense. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss all technical, staffing, and equipment needs for the event, as well as to establish a production schedule for multi-day events. The production meeting must take place no less than 30 days prior to the start of the Lessee’s rental period. Larger events and festivals may require multiple meetings. Lessee’s artist’s technical riders must be made available to the JSB technical director seven (7) days in advance of the production meeting.


The use of any type of pyrotechnics (live flame, sparklers, gerbs, flash pots, etc.) is not allowed in the JSB without the written approval of the JSB’s preferred technical director and JSB management. A request to use pyro must be made at least one month prior to the beginning of the Lessee’s rental time, and a signed letter of acknowledgment must be made between the JSB and the Lessee. The JSB in no way claims to be experts in the use of pyro, and the purpose of the signed acknowledgment is to simply make sure that both Parties are aware of the use of pyro in the Lessee’s performance. While not required by Oklahoma law, the JSB requires the Lessee to obtain approval from the Bartlesville Fire Department before using pyro in the JSB. Any damages to the JSB equipment/property resulting from the use of Lessee’s pyro will be the responsibility of the Lessee, including repair cost or replacement of said equipment/property. The JSB will assume no liability in the use of Lessee’s pyrotechnics. No pyro will be allowed prior to the JSB having a current copy of the Lessee’s liability insurance on file.

Rental Time

There are two times listed on the Lessee’s contract; Rental time and Event time. The rental time is the actual time Lessee (and vendor, guests, etc.) will be allowed into the rented area(s), and the time Lessee expects to be completely out of areas. The lessee should plan their rental time carefully. Should Lessee require more than contracted time on the day of their event, Lessee may add the time if the room is available, however, it will be billed at a rate of double time. The event time listed on Lessee’s contract is the actual time the event is planned to begin and end for Lessee’s guests. Packages set at full-day use have use of JSB from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Time outside these hours will be billed @$300.00 an hour on main full floors, $150.00 for half floor.

Security for Events

Security is required for all events for the protection of the guests, and the building. The JSB will make arrangements for security to be present, charge for security will be noted on Lessee contract and invoiced at $50.00 per officer, per hour. During events that take place, when other areas of the building are closed, certain limitations to egress, while still maintaining all egress proper to use, may apply. IF the rental activities require access through any alternate door, additional security may be required. The JSB should be notified in advance of Lessee’s intention to use alternate entrances. This is not a service of the JSB personnel.

Service Animals

The JSB, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), will allow people with disabilities to bring properly identified service animals into the facility.

Smoking Policy

The JSB event areas are smoke-free. Smoking is permitted in designated areas of outdoor dining on the ground floor, only, with Lessee proving appropriate receptacles for ash and cigarette butts and disposing of such at the end of each event or day. The lessee is responsible for informing its participants of this policy and enforcing it. Facilities for e-cigarettes and cigars could be allowed within the building but would have to comply with all applicable laws and have total air separation for secondhand smoke and ventilation in accordance with such.

Supervision and Technical Services

The JSB will assume no liability for the actions of Lessee’s volunteers, whether trained or not. Any crew member, whether paid or volunteer, suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription medication, will not be allowed to operate JSB equipment, and will be asked to leave the JSB. The JSB technical crew does not provide the following services: sound design, lighting design, set design, (construction, painting), wardrobe design (construction), makeup/wig/hair artist and riggers. The private hiring of the JSB staff is not allowed without the approval of the management. Lessees are advised to hire their own sound console operators, sound console, and lighting designer, and lighting apparatus.

Technical Equipment

The JSB does not guarantee the worthiness or operation of its equipment, nor does the JSB guarantee equipment inventory numbers. Any equipment that is not in working order is considered to be out of service and is not available for Lessee’s use. Inventory numbers are subject to change and should be confirmed before Lessee’s load-in. The JSB will not assume any responsibility for shortness of equipment inventory.

Capacity Adherence

Lessee is responsible for compliance with all Federal, State, and Local laws. Local fire code capacity numbers are available for each room based on usage/set-up. Noncompliance of any law may result in immediate cancellation of event plus charges for any resulting fines or legal actions.


Nails, screws, “command” or “Easy” hooks, duct or scotch tape, may not be used to attach decorations or displays to the walls or ceilings. Duct tape is not allowed to be used in any are of the building. No confetti and/or glitter should be used in the building. Any decorations or displays in or on the building or grounds are subject to the supervision and approval of the JSB staff. ASK


Use of the facility on JSB holidays and accompanying weekend will be double the regular room and labor rate. Holiday rates apply to the following days and accompanying weekends: December 31st; January 1st; Good Friday; Easter; Memorial Day Weekend; OK Mozart Week; Independence Day; Labor Day Weekend; Thanksgiving, the Friday following and the weekend after; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.